Intelligent Automation for Unstructured Data

Optimize your team, produce better data and grow your revenue

Kodexa provides everything you need to automate the extraction of data from documents. A complete solution using learning models, human-in-the-loop and a customizable to meet your workflow needs.


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Any model, any content and always with you in control

We enable a range of use-cases and our open architecture promotes you finding new AI/ML capabilities for us to make accessible. The future of document automation is an ecosystem of capabilities in the hands of the business, and we are working to make that real.


Built for the Business, Architected for the Cloud


Visual Workbench

See your documents, and work directly with then without coding.Work with Digital Assistants to label content and test to make sure they are getting the data you need.


Cloud AI Integration

Plugin Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google and more. We believe in providing you the workbench where you can test NLP, OCR and AI services directly on your use cases.


Project Templates

Get started quickly using a project template.Use Amazon or Azure to OCR, then find tables or forms. Work with contracts using OpenAI - the only limits are your imagination


Review and Correct

Whatever algorithms you choose, you are still in control. Able to see the data found in the documents and review it, correcting values or even selecting other data you need from the page.

One platform for all your content intelligence needs