Our mission is to democratize intelligent automation

No more cut and paste, sharing spreadsheets or trying to write custom scripts to get the data you need.

We want to give users the power to use any model, or combination of capabilities, to solve the problems they experience.

Always focusing on providing a visual workbench without sacrificing power.


Meet our team

Philip Dodds

Chief Executive Officer

Amadea Paula Dodds

Chief Operating Officer

Astrid Ayla Odoño


Mari Anne Trevilla

Operations / Finance


JF Calaywan

Customer Success

David Cohen

US Support / Quality Assurance


Sand Hill East

Sand Hill East was founded with the goal of leveraging our extensive technology and business experience, senior financial services network, and investment community relationships to advise early-stage technology companies. We work in between ideas, capital and enterprises to identify gaps in enterprise technology that can be filled by innovative technology products. Sand Hill East mentors companies through the critical stages of early development by offering a full range of advisory services and strategic introductions.


Product Advisors


Brian Lott

Founding Product Advisor

Dave Parker

Founding Product Advisor

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